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On John Tomlinson

  "There is light but there is also image, and together, beaming with intent, John Tomlinson’s drawings reach across the room to see if you are paying attention.  Existing on a translucent substrate, the drawings are forever skating, hovering, floating with emotion – their rendering is not about the surface in which they inhabit, but the environment they continually animate; and they are moving, with action, sometimes absent from a body, away and against the invisible and the implied."

   Suzanne Bybee © August 2015


"Tomlinson has an ear to his own heart and mind.

What he bears luminous testimony to, perhaps, are the echoes and reverberations of what one might call scripts handed over to us as children by parental authority and our corresponding counter-defense pushback positions of rejection and self-reproach.  I am moved by Tomlinson’s unwavering bravery as he unmasks himself while putting down the self-defensive armor at the service of shining light on the demons of inner doubt and insecurity that form the substrate self-consciousness for so many."

from the essay Primacy of the Sense of Touch and Other Manifest Wonders in "drawing BIG"

   by Dominique Nahas © 2015


On Karen Morris

   The meters are strong and the pain wincing. I hear echoes of Celtic battle songs...also the drum of Dharani, the Buddhist chants proclaiming our connection to ancient lineages and all suffering beings.     from the Forward by Mark Finn

  "In these poems, Karen Morris makes it her job to visit the underworld, the one happening right in our midst, embedded in the current world...

...She throws, with considerable courage and trust, yarrow sticks of her unconscious upon the stage.

Remember in reading her poems what Einstein so poignantly said: "No problem can be solved from the same levels of consciousness that created it."

   from the Preface by John Fox

   Cataclysm and Other Arrangements :: the poetry of Kagayaki Karen Morris

   Three Stones Press : Honesdale, Pennsylvania : 2014

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